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Autosfera operates roadside assistance networks Volvo Action Service, STARTER, ADAC, Q-SERVICE TRUCK, CONTINENTAL.

Volvo Action Service 24/7 roadside assistance is Volvo Trucks is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our extensive service network in Europe, provide technical assistance includes not only your truck, but also a trailer, trucks, refrigerated, or tires. If you need help, just call to Volvo Action Service. An operator who speaks your native language will respond to your call and will remain with you
in touch. If necessary, you will be sent to a qualified mechanic Volvo Action Service, which will provide on-site technical assistance.
Volvo Action Service provides financial assistance if the driver runs out of money or will have to incur unexpected expenses, Volvo Action Service can provide emergency financial assistance,
and even pay the fines imposed on the driver. Communication in the mother tongue contacting
Volvo Action Service, the driver can converse in their native language.
Volvo Action Service can arrange a rental truck and / or trailer. Legal Aid And if for some reason the driver came into conflict with local law, Volvo Action Service can take care of the appropriate legal representative.


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