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Please take a few minutes to complete our customer service satisfaction survey, according to the scale 1-6, where (1 means - very bad / 6 means - excellent).

Your responses will help us address each and every issue that you may have as well as better target our services to meet your needs and eliminate mistakes.

Your completed survey is addressed to the President of the Board, Quality Assurance Director, who analyses the information and responds to the concerns of our customers.

Your responses will be kept confidential. This survey will take approximately 3 minutes to complete.
Thank you in advance for your time.

The given information and data are only aimed at increasing the confidence of customers to our services and analysing areas for improvement. They will not be used anywhere else.
Evaluation involves - CAR SERVICE
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( ul. Sidorska 117 )
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Customer Service Quality Evaluation tekst123456REMARKS Customer Service Quality Evaluation Politeness and service culture Preparation of offers and/or cost estimates Meeting deadlines After repair service

Repair Evaluation tekst123456REMARKS Diagnosing defects/problems Appropriate selection of vehicle parts Repair Quality Qualifications of mechanics and technicians Way of handling warranty

Infrastructure Evaluation tekst123456REMARKS Location Driving directions Waiting lounge Cleanness and overall image

Office Workers Evaluation tekst123456REMARKS Professionalism and competency Ability to communicate and discuss matters Way of presenting offers and/or cost estimates Technical consulting and assistance Way of settling complaints

Price Level Evaluation tekst123456REMARKS Price level Willingness to offer discounts

tekst Would you recommend our service to your friends? - yes - no
tekst Would you like to be informed about your vehicle’s next oil replacement date? - yes - no
tekst What kind of new service would you like to try out in our company?
Thank you for participating in the survey, your feedback will help us improve the quality of services provided. Have a good and safe drive home!